Yes, Please

Land O'Lakes


yes, please

To launch Land O'Lakes' new European Style Butter, we created a recipe-driven social campaign on Instagram. The brand asked followers to say "Yes, please" to everything from chocolate chip cookies to lobster and answered with recipes, tips and tricks for cooking and baking with european style butter.


Instagram user flow

Followers could say "Yes, please" to a dish by tapping one of two unique European Style Butter-tagged Instagram accounts. On each profile page, we curated a grid of content that included video tips and step-by-step photo instructions.


tip videos

We created four short tip videos, showcasing everything from how to make the perfect hollandaise sauce to how to transform a pie crust with European Style Butter.


tip photography

Leveraging Instagram's profile grids, we showcased additional cooking and baking tips with step-by-step, this-not-that imagery.

Client: Land O'Lakes
Agency: Colle McVoy // Creative Director: Marc Stephens // Designer + Art Director: Clarissa Hernandez // Copywriter: Tricia Cornell // Project Manager/Producer: Heather Denike // Photograhper: Brandon Werth